Friday, 13 January 2017


Where are you
when I need you

This isn't
the time
to let

See me through
these difficult

with me
let's now

let it

Where are you
when I need you

...don't let this go!

Tactical Manouveres In The Dark.

When you need them most
(that gentle touch, warmth, tender love)
and they're simply not there
(because they choose to be with another,
you begin to wonder
do they really care,
or are you just a convenient,
(behind which
games are played)
tactically manoeuvred,
you never get laid,
love left dying
in their conditional shade...

The Tease

A Year Has Passed.

Written a year ago but never published, this depicts my feelings at the time when once again love was lost...

Hurting To The Core . . .

 . . . trusting her completely
life & heart on the line . . .

. . . the blade goes in . . .

 . . blood on my sleeve 
once more,
struggling for air . . .

. . . swimming for shore . . .

. . . betrayed,
to the core . . .

. . I'll never trust you now . .

 . . . a heart
once pure,
in love,
now so unsure . . .

 . . . 'I love you' . . .
 . . 'I am you, you are me' . .
. . 'You're mine forever now '. . .
. . . 'I'll never let you go' . . .

. . empty words,
just another game
to the selfish impure . . .

. . 'I wanted to save you from her' . .

. . Oh really?
You're so much more worthy?

How to use a man . .
suck him in
chew him up
spit him out . .

. . thanks for being
my saviour
but it's nothing
to shout about,
it only lasted
eight weeks . .

. . next time
don't play games
with the life & heart
of another,
I'm someone's father
and I love her... see...

...feeling depressed,
suicidal panic attacks,
ain't so good
for me,
I have
nothing left
to live for . . .

. . you took my career,
my love, my life . .

. . you played me!!!

   When 'I' come first there can be no room for the other, for love, for 'I' am the mind, the thinker, the selfish one . . and 'I' know not love that is of 'we', 'I' will always be too selfish to simply 'be' . . to love unequivocally, but 'I' will take the life, heart and soul of the other for the thrill of it, 'I' will suck them into my life, chew them up and at my leisure 'I' will spit them out . . that is selfishness at its cunning worse, it's the devil incarnate, and it is the enemy of love.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Simply Be.

. . . to love
to simply
relating to
one another
unequivocally . . .

Doullan - a loving, affectionate and tactile kinda guy.

Counting The Hours of a sleepy head . . .

to bed
resting this
weary head.....

One to three
(maybe four)
hours of 
deep sleep
for me.....

awake once

with a cup
of unpoetic tea,
but still alive
it's clear to see.....

Six to nine?
Just an unfolding
stitch in time....

let's make
the futuristic day

Doullan - counting the hours of a restless night.

The Passing Storm

like an autumn leaf
caught on the wind
fear ascending
love receding
blown asunder...
. . unhinged . .
from the tree of life
forgetting one's
deepest reality
the perfection
of beings harmony...
. . calm . .
. . the passing storm . .
love ascending
fear receding
freeing mind, body & soul...
. . being . .
is unconditionally loving.
Doullan -
. . . fear is false, a passing storm to be observed and seen for what it is so that the unconditional love of being can once again ascend to its rightful place.....

Sunday, 13 September 2015

You Are The Sole Author of . . .

. . . the dictionary
that defines

Tell me,
wrote it?

Is it better
to pass the 
Sole Author;
not give a
Fuck . . .

. . or be the
Soul Author . .

. . . Love Unfolding
as is . . .

. . . Sole Author
of the dictionary
that defines

Doullan - a 'Soul Author' whom happens to give a fuck.

A Sole
Soul Author
Shining Bright
On the  'Eve of Night'.

Blues Swayed Shoes

The melancholic
swings his hips
to remove
the livin blues,
stepin to & fro
back & forth,
the partner at his side
in his blues 'swayed' shoes.

Doullan - fancies some 'Blue Suede Dancing Shoes' 

I really do swing and sway my hips with some rotation, it comes naturally to me, as it did for Elvis, anyone care to tell either of us we're not man enough? I figured as much - HA! ;-)

Friday, 20 June 2014

Tweet Tweet

The Twitcher
Takes her pose
Chattering teeth
Twitching nose
Sparrows tweet
To the cat below
"140 characters
ain't enough,
don't you know?"

Doullan - bird watching with Noodles the cat!

Flowering Fandango's

Blooming marvelously 
Pinks and blues
Sumptuous aurae 
Varied hues
Trip the shadow light fandango
In Flower petal shoes....

Doullan - Camera in hand and words abound.