Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Highfalutin Windbag

"Grandiose fustian
affectedly pompous
magniloquent bombastic
majestic rhetorical
highfalutin ostentatious
self-eulogist . . .

. . . I'm pretty fucking good actually!"

Doullan - in verbose tumid mode (and taking the piss out of self).

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Unfurled Enigma

"entering the morass
living the quagmire reality
this imbroglio
centred on the morose
makes of one an enigmatic ass;
in a pickle
labyrinth derivative
this conundrum
a life of worry,
leads one into this

Doullan - feelings unfurl.

The viper striking is of my own making;
let the shadow fall...

Friday, 9 May 2014


"green running engine
dissipating into the sunshine
reflects in my ears"

Doullan - Video Haiku Mode.


"new growth
green window domain
twig framed"

Doullan - Renewal.

"It's Blue Lagoon Jim, but not as we know it."

"swamped logs
moss gerrymandered
muddy waters
blue(bell) lagoon
gnat infested"

Doullan - in Moss Gnat mode.

Meshing Up

"leaves entangled
  directional mess
    evergreen giants
        deciduous light seekers
                             green mesh"

Doullan - he's a complete mesh.

Simply Being

silent flowering
  birds singing bliss
           simply being"

Doullan - in still mode.


"new growth
comes and goes
old logs look on
       by father time"

Doullan - in Logarithmic Mode.

Shadows View

"bluebells sit
in a pocket
of light,
shadows view
and bright"

Doullan - in OK'finger Mode!

Shadows End

"pointing the way
where light
becomes dark
to shadows end"

Doullan - in pointed mode.

Bluebell Wood

Taken last week, this photo captures the atmosphere of the local bluebell wood . . .

"pockets of light
upright giants standing tall
bluebells glisten"

Doullan - in Haiku mode.


This one is more or less written in the style of an English Haiku:

"rippling riverside
flowering reflections
weeping leaves 
drinking willow"

Doullan - reflecting back to last summer.